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The biggest driver for change is collective action. As individuals we may feel powerless to do something about air pollution, but as a community, armored with the insights that AirScape provides, a force for good can be unleashed.

Whether it’s to agree on a meeting point or collaborations to reduce air pollution exposure, sharing a map is a quick and easy way to provide air quality data on a specific object, location, or route marked on a map.

You have a choice of ways to share a map view and all the information on it:

Share a place

You can either use the current address link in your browser or you can generate a short link by clicking the Share button in selected place details:

Share map

You can share the currently visible region on the map by using the 'More' menu button at the top right corner of the map.

Share history

Both share a place and share map actions take into account the currently selected history period if any.

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