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AirScape sponsorship
AirScape sponsorship
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The AirScape network could not exist without the support of our sponsors and collaborators.

There is not enough public funding to roll out an initiative of this scale. By raising private funding, we can accelerate change and save lives.

We are collaborating closely with responsible businesses who are interested in supporting the local area where their staff and customers live. They have a duty of care to their employees to provide a safe working environment and want to be involved in this initiative as a tangible demonstration of social value and sustainability.

We recognize the large contribution businesses make to their community and feedback has shown us that businesses value working on collaborative projects like AirScape.

Whether you have a local interest in a few sensors or seek to contribute to your corporate CSR and ESG goals, health, wellbeing, and equality are urgent social issues that can be addressed through the AirScape platform.

Businesses, other organizations, and individuals can sponsor anything from a single AirNode to an entire city, contributing to the setup and operation of the physical network. You can subscribe to the AirScape software platform and then engage and share data with friends and community members to keep air quality high on the agenda and take action to improve it.

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