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A place card shows information about a place, business, or air quality sensor on the map. To view it, click on the search result, or the corresponding pin on the map. The place card opens on the side panel on the left of the screen.

Place card consists of several sections.

Basic information

This block contains basic information about the selected place such as a place panorama or photo if any, place name, place category, leaf rating, and place coverage.

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Place AQI

This block contains information about AQI and dominant pollutant according to the timescale and time period selected on the map.

Place actions

This block contains interactive actions for the selected place.

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Sensor sponsors (optional)

Sensor location optionally can have one or more sensor sponsors.

Air quality chart

The air quality chart shows the trend for the selected pollutant relative to the timescale selected on the map (and possibly the selected period of history). The chart allows clicking through all available pollutants.

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Air quality by month

Annual air quality patterns are shown as monthly AQI averages over the last twelve months.

Location summary

The location summary allows you to dive deep into the leaf rating of the selected location and see its distribution by individual pollutants.

The overall leaf rating corresponds to the worst of the individual ratings of pollutants.

Split by daily AQI allows you to see how the leaf rating translates into the number of days for each air quality level.

7-day history

This section allows you to understand air quality trends for the last 7 days based on six-hour averages of AQI.

Know your air

This section allows you to see a split of AQI into individual pollutants with respect to the timescale and time period selected on the map.

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Address & Coordinates


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