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Get set up and learn the basics of AirScape with this guide. You can use AirScape on your computer and your mobile devices.

Select a project

AirScape is only available in locations where we have a sensor network installed.

At the moment, this is our pilot project in The London Borough of Camden.

More networks are coming very soon.

Understand air quality

The world’s densest air quality sensor network enables individual, community and collective action for clean air for everyone.

AirScape transforms real, hyper-local, sensor data into a user-friendly heat map in real time. This allows you to see air quality information in a level of detail and accuracy that didn’t exist until now.

Free to access, AirScape gives a bird’s eye view of how air quality varies from street to street, minute by minute. Discover the air quality in your neighbourhood, along your regular routes or before you make big decisions on where to live, work or travel. Make informed lifestyle choices to protect your health and well-being.

Choose a location

Use the search and interactive pins on the map to select places. Or we've categorised a handy list of potential sources of exposure and sensitive land uses in the area.

The place card reveals a whole host of air quality insights for a selected sensor location.

Create an account

By creating an AirScape account, you can save places of interest to you, such as work, home or your children's school.

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